Supervisors and Safety: The Key Component

1 May

There is no easy answer for safety, but having well trained and involved foremen and supervisors who know about safety and provide leadership, comes close.

Most important is the example the supervisor sets. His following of safe practices and work rules will be the model for everyone else. The work place is where “do as I say not as I do” won’t cut it. Also, while doing his other duties, the supervisor should keep an eye on conditions and safe practices, commenting on employees who follow the safety rules, makes a big impact.

Specific supervisor responsibilities should include:

  • Training new and current employtees on safety
  • Impleementing safety rules and procedures
  • Inspecting for compliance with safe work practices and conditions
  • Reporting accidents and near misses
  • Asking employees for safety suggestions and ideas
  • Evaluating conditions, equipment and personnel for hazards

Don Dressler Consulting has developed a new training program, “Supervising for Safety” to assist employers and supervisors in meeting these needs. Contact us by email to: to learn more about this program.


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