Cal/OSHA – Written Safety Plans Still Most Violated Regulations

21 May

The annual report from Cal/OSHA once again indicates that the Injury & Illness Prevention Program, a requirement of every single California employer, continues to be the most Cited Cal/OSHA regulations for violations. The general industry and construction industry IIPP rules (GISO Sec. 3203 and Sec. 1509) accounted for almost 2,500 violations in the past year.

Whenever Cal/OSHA inspects a workplace (about 40,000 times a year) the very first thing the Cal/OSHA inspector asks for if the company’s IIPP. Even if the company has one, are they following it and is it effective?

Have they any records of hazard inspections in the past 12 months. Are there any records of safety training in the past 12 months? If employees are aced, do they know the company has a safety plan? If there has been a work injury in the past 3 years, is there a record of any accident investigation? All these are required elements of an effective Injury & Illness Prevention Program.

If you need help reviewing your company’s plan, or in preparing one, just send an e-mail to

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