Are You Paying the Price of Failing to Comply?

23 May

For many employers, the difficult economy seems to continue – regardless of the news stories about a slow recovery from the recession.  Struggling with these challenges, along with all of the pressures of time, competitive demands, etc. seem to take some much attention and effort that some compliance steps with employment and safety laws can be forgotten. 

After all, who has time to train, when you are working so hard just to finds sales?  Why is it so important to have “start and stop” time records when you are paying employees anyway?  Why do the details of the wage and hour laws or OSHA matter?  Do they make you any money?

Well- just like the FRAM commercials used to day, “pay me know or pay me later”.  Only in failing to comply with these lows, later is often not only quite expensive but painful as well. 

BUT WORSE, the employer paid a price he or she was not aware of, the loss of the connection with and support of the employees.  Funny but compliance with laws almost always is also helpful in your relationships with your employees. 

For example, follow OSHA’s safety rules – tells your employees you care and value them. When employees know you care about them, chances are they will care about you and your business right back.

TRY IT.  SEE IF IT IS A GOOD INVESTMENT OF YOUR TIME AND EFFORT.  Or, email to learn more about compliance issues.

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