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A “NO Vote” on AB 2346 Heat Illness – A Job Killer of a Proposal

25 Jul

This August, the California State Senate is considering AB 2346- a JOB KILLER bill regarding heat illness. The bill goes beyond current heat illness regulations to impose the following obligations, but only on agricultural employers, not on construction, landscaping or any other out of doors work:

  1. Each employee shall have continuous, ready access, as
    close as possible and at a distance of no more than 10 feet from
    where he or she is working, to fresh, pure, and suitably cool potable
    drinking water
  2. “The temperature of the water shall be 70 degrees or lower at all times.”
  3. “Shaded area shall be located as close as practicable to the areas where employees are working, and in no event shall be at a distance greater than 200 feet away from any employee.
  4. The amount of shade provided shall be enough to accommodate all of the employees on the shift at any time

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Using the California Workers’ Compensation “Employer’s Bill of Rights”

23 Jul

Many employers have been frustrated by workers’ compensation claims – they felt claims were either fraudulent or  improperly paid.  At the least, the employer did not know what happened and was upset by the impact on his experience modification.

In 1993, the California law was changed to give employers tools to deal with these concerns, in two sections of the California Labor Code, entitled the Employer’s Bill of Rights, Sections 3761 and 3762.

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Four Out of Five Drivers Say They’re Distracted

21 Jul

A new Harris Poll reveals that more than four out of five motorists admit to making some sort of distracted driving behavior in a typical month. This is according to the 2012 Harris Poll AutoTECHCAST(SM) study released by Harris Interactive, June 27, 2012.

Men, it turns out, are more likely to engage in this potentially dangerous behavior, according to the latest Harris AutoTechCast study, particularly when it comes to taking or making a phone call. Younger motorists are more likely to do things like texting.

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Pre-Employment Background Checks and Safety

14 Jul

Does your company conduct background checks on candidates you are considering to add as new employees? Have you considered the safety reasons to do so?

At a time when the Federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has recently issued “Enforcement Guidelines for Arrest and Conviction Records in Employment”, many employers are rethinking the use of criminal background checks as part of their hiring process. Continue reading

Half Way Through the Year – Have You Done Hazard Inspections?

10 Jul

A key to safety and also OSHA compliance is hazard identification and correction.

These are essential elements in California’s written safety plans or Illness and Injury Prevention Plans.

Each company has some choice in how frequeently it conducts hazard inspections, although OSHA regulatons also specifiy that inspections need to occur when new equipment or processes are installed, when hazards are brought to the company’s attention, and some other specific times. But it is good pracice, and almost essential to have somo rregular schedule of safety inspections or hazard inspections as well. So, it’s already July – have you conducted any inspections yer?

If you need help, suggested inspection checklists to use, or advice, just check our new website, or email me at

Time to Train Supervisors About Safety

3 Jul

Join my July 12 Webinar, “Safety Training: Help Your Supervisors Understand – and Execute – Their Critical Role”.

Supervisors are critical for your company’s safety program’s success. They are closest to the employees and the actual work being done. Their example of safe behavior, daily encouragement promoting safety and being alert to job hazards are vital to the well being of your workers and avoiding injuries.

Have your foremen or supervisors been trained or given the tools to do this job well. On July 12, from 10:30 am Pacific to noon, we will cover OSHA’s obligations for supervisors, the General Duty clause, how a supervisor can prepare for and handle an OSHA inspection and practical tips to promote safety every day.

Learn about the program at: or email me to talk about this program for your own company. Also check out my new website: