Four Out of Five Drivers Say They’re Distracted

21 Jul

A new Harris Poll reveals that more than four out of five motorists admit to making some sort of distracted driving behavior in a typical month. This is according to the 2012 Harris Poll AutoTECHCAST(SM) study released by Harris Interactive, June 27, 2012.

Men, it turns out, are more likely to engage in this potentially dangerous behavior, according to the latest Harris AutoTechCast study, particularly when it comes to taking or making a phone call. Younger motorists are more likely to do things like texting.

Some of the behaviors might not normally land on a list of dangerous activities, such as drinking a beverage, but the risky behaviors begin to add up – to an average 37 different distracted driving activities over the last month, according to Harris Interactive, which conducted the poll.

On average, drivers admit to engaging in nearly 37 distracted driving habits in an average four week period.  Many of the habits that topped the list were related to technology, including;

  • Sending or receiving a phone call (11 times)
  • Drinking a beverage (8 times)
  • Texting (5 times)
  • Emailing (3 times)

Drivers between the ages of 18 to 34 engage in the most distracted driving habits (up to 57 times in four weeks). Yet, the same age group has a lower frequency of making or receiving phone calls compared to new car buyers ages 35 to 44.

When looking at gender differences, it’s men who engage in distracted driving habits the most, especially when making and receiving calls (12 times) compared to women (10 times).  Visit to learn more about Safety.

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