How To Cope With a Rising Cost Workers’ Compensation Inurance Market?

8 Oct

1. It all starts with an effective safety plan. A plan is required by Cal/OSHA, helps prevent injuries and serves as guide for the whole process.
2. Get injured workers back on the job the very next day after an injury. The latest WCIRB tells us the average total cost of a lost time injury now is $70,179. You can get almost every injured person back to work doing something productive. Can you afford the impact on your experience modification and your claims history of doing nothing?
3. Conduct a thorough accident investigation.. In the past week alone, in two investigations, I learned that one injury did not occur on the job, and the second injury was a re-injury from 5 years ago (when this employee did not work for us – and any permanent disability needs to be properly apportioned to the prior employer and old claim.)
4. Now we have better rules to work with, use the Medical Provider Network to gain “life of claim” medical control. One part of the reform limits the ability of chiropractors to be “treating physicians” and giving medical opinions after their limited course of treatment is over.
5. There will be more tools for you from this reform. Stay tuned!
Helping you save money on workers’ compensation claims and keep or obtain a low experience modification is what I do for you. Just as important is compliance with OSHA recordkeeping, reporting and safety standards. Call me for a FREE, no obligation conference.
Don Dressler: Ph.: 949-533-2742; E-mail:; Websites: and

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