Texting While Driving is An Epidemic-A Higher Cause of Deaths Than Even Drinking While Driving

5 May

Most American teenagers are told not to text and drive, but the evidence is millions are not listening.
In an analysis of a 2011 survey done by the Centers for Disease Control, 46 percent of drivers at age 17 admitted they texted while driving, a number that rose to 52 percent for drivers over 18.
The survey alarmed the research team because of evidence that distracted driving – including texting – is now the leading single cause of teenage fatalities.
Dr. Andrew Adesman co-authored the study.
“Texting while driving is just becoming sort of epidemic, and it’s a higher cause of deaths than even drinking while driving,” said Adesman. “The impairment that comes with texting is worse than drinking while driving.”
Forty-six states have responded by banning most or all texting while driving, but the laws don’t seem to work with teenagers.
When researchers compared states with and without prohibitions, the level of teen texting was almost the same.
It is up to all of us to set an example, and hold all of us and our children, our friends and each other accountable. There should be no reason to rely on law enforcement to do this job for us.
See the CBS news story at: tp://www.cbsnews.com/8301-18563_162-57582911/study-shows-disturbing-reality-of-texting-while-driving

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