A Key to Safe Driving – Minimize Blind Spots to Help Drivers See Better

11 Aug

Remember – driving accidents are the leading cause of work related deaths both nationally and in California.  How many of these accidents could be avoided if driver reduced their blind spots while driving? Think about your own experience on the road or freeways.

While all blind spots cannot be eliminated, property positioned side mirrors are the key to maximizing your field of vision. The Network of Employers for Traffic Safety suggests: to set your mirrors, with the vehicle parked, sit in the normal driving position and center the rearview mirror.  Next, lean your head about 4 inches to the left and adjust the driver’s side view mirrors until you can barely see the edge of the rear of your vehicle in the mirror. Do the same thing for the passenger side mirror by leaning 4 inches to the right.  While you won’t see your vehicle in your side view mirrors when sitting in the normal driving position, this mirror adjustment will enable you to see more of the adjoining lanes as well as hazards next to the vehicle.

Even with properly adjusted mirrors, you should always glance over your shoulder to check blind spots any time you turn merge or change lanes.  Also, don’t forget to use your turn signals.

Employers may want to reproduce this message and provide it to employees as part of their safety training plans.

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