Hiring New Employees in Compliance with California and Federal Law

27 Sep

The importance of hiring right can be illustrated by your company’s turnover rates. Average corporate turnover is more than 15 percent.

According to a Harvard University study, 80 percent of turnover is due to hiring mistakes. The hiring process can raise a variety of legal issues, often related to equal employment opportunity laws. A number of other laws also apply to the various stages of the hiring process, ranging from the standard job interview to the hiring decision itself, records kept of the hiring process, and records and government notifications and disclosures required relating to a newly hired employee.

Then, one of the final stages in the recruitment process, employee onboarding can sometimes take a backseat. After all, you’ve found the right person, you’ve made them an offer and they’ve accepted – so what’s the issue? The issue is that statistics show that approximately one quarter of people recruited will leave the job within the first six months of being hired. When you then consider that employee turnover costs are estimated to be anywhere between 50 and 150% of an employee’s annual salary – not to mention wasted time and effort in early days on the job by a new employee who does not know how they fit in or how best to contribute, and you can see how a little time and planning to get a new employee off the best possible start can save your organization lots of money.

That is why Don Dressler Consulting’s team of human resources and legal consultants have prepared a new kit of information and forms for employers to guide them in making sure they follow all the steps to do the hiring process correctly and in compliance with the various laws.

Just email us at DonDressler1@hotmail.com for more information about this new Hiring and Onboarding KIt for 2013.

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