Cal/OSHA Fines Mira Loma Warehouse for Unsafe Working Conditions

21 Oct

Warehouse located in Mira Loma was fined for a number of unsafe and illegal working conditions this month.

The California Division of Occupational Safety and Health issued 12 citations – half of which were considered serious in nature – Thursday against the warehousing contractor.
Citations from Cal/OSHA inspectors included:
• Blocked fire exits
• Falling boxes of merchandise
• Insufficient number of restrooms
• No plan in the event of an injury on the job
• No effective training on heat exposure or heat illness
• Lack of proper foot protection including steel-toed boots
• Blocked aisles
• Insufficient lighting

The fines total $34,400, according to reports. Last May, several warehouse workers filed a complaint with Cal/OSHA citing several violations and in June, 30+ warehouse workers went on a two-day strike, complaining of what they said was retaliatory surveillance for speaking out against unsafe conditions at the warehouse.

These citations at this warehouse are the eighth contracted warehouse to be found in violation of California and federal law regarding the health and safety of employees, according to the news release.
Don’t make the assumption that your company is immune to this action. If you need reassurance that you are within compliance or want to get there, contact Don Dressler Consulting at: 949-533-3742 or email:

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