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New Posters Required for 2014

31 Dec

It’s time to replace those workplace employment posters in January 2014. For California – changes were made this past year in the following:
• Cal/OSHA poster revised June 2013
• Fair Employment and Housing – discrimination poster revised November 2013
• CA Notice of Withholding – revised November 2013
• EDD Notice regarding Unemployment, SDI and Paid Family Leave- revised November 2013
• CA Whistleblower Protection Act notice – revised November 2013
• Federal FMLA notice – revised February 2013
An excellent recourse for posters is All In One Posters. This company website is: All In One provides combined Federal and state posters at a reasonable price (laminated) for all states and all types of business needs.
An alternative for employers is to assemble the required poster by downloading them from government agency websites. A listing of California and Federal required posters and links is available at:
Remember in California that employers are also required to post the Industrial Welfare Order which applies to their type of business. Also, other posters may be required such as:
• Fork Lift Operating Rules for companies with fork lifts
• San Francisco or San Jose Minimum Wage notices – if operating in those jurisdictions
• Construction operations must post a Code of Safe Practices
• Farm Labor Contractors have posting requirement.
• Operations with exposure to hazardous materials, noise hazards, etc. have specific obligations.
If you have questions about work place posters or other employment compliance issues, please contact Don Dressler Consulting by email at
Have a great 2014

Getting Ready for 2014

18 Dec

With the pressure we all face in these hectic times, thinking about the way we do things, and how to do things more efficiently is important. Take a look at

This document reminds of some basics we might have gotten away from: plan your time; start with the most important; tackle hard problems first.

Hope you have a great 2014 and use your time wisely.