National Preparedness Month

27 Aug

Don’t Wait. Communicate. Make Your Emergency Plan Today.

Did you know that September is National Preparedness Month? National Preparedness Month highlights the importance of making an emergency action plan with your community, your family, and your pets for how to stay safe and communicate during the disasters that can affect your community.

Twice a year America’s PrepareAthon! promotes national days of action – specifically April 30 and September 30 – to highlight the importance of preparing for disasters and emergencies. This is a great opportunity to make your workplace, campus or homes safer and more resilient by joining the millions of people across the country participating in National PrepareAthon Month.

America’s PrepareAthon! offers materials to facilitate preparedness for six natural hazards: earthquake, flood, hurricane, tornado, wildfire, and winter storm. The program also offers a variety of customizable promotional materials for these hazards so educators, parents and community leaders can tailor outreach materials to specific audiences.

The time is now to take the next step for preparing for the hazard that might impact your area.

Visit to:
– Take Action: Know your hazards and choose your activities.
– Be Counted: Create your account and register your activities.
– Spread the Word: Download materials to promote your day of action.

We’ll be participating this year by sharing important safety tips throughout the month of September. Do you have emergency preparedness questions? Please don’t hesitate to contact us at Don Dressler Consulting and We’re happy to help!

-Don Dressler

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