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Remember to Post Your OSHA  Injury Illness Summary Log 300 No Later Than April 30th 

31 Jan
Remember to Post Your OSHA 
Injury Illness Summary 
Log 300 No Later Than April 30th 

Cal/OSHA and Federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) require employers with more than 10 employees to keep a record of serious work-related injuries and illnesses. Minor injuries requiring first aid only do not need to be recorded.

All Employers Must Maintain a Log 300 &  
Post Last  Year’s Summary Page Logs   

What Is An OSHA 300 Log?
The OSHA injury and illness record keeping forms are: The Log of Work-Related Injuries and Illnesses (OSHA Form 300), the Summary of Work-Related Injuries and Illnesses (OSHA Form 300A), and. the Injury and Illness Incident Report (OSHAForm 301).  View Form.  

Who Keeps Records?
Under OSHA’s record keeping regulation, certain covered employers are required to prepare and maintain records of serious occupational injuries and illnesses using the OSHA 300 Log. This information is important for employers, workers and OSHA in evaluating the safety of a workplace, understanding industry hazards, and implementing worker protections to reduce and eliminate hazards.

However, there are two classes of employers that are partially exempt from routinely keeping injury and illness records.  First, employers with ten or fewer employees at all times during the previous calendar year are exempt from routinely keeping OSHA injury and illness records.  OSHA’s revised record keeping regulation maintains this exemption.

Second, establishments in certain low-hazard industries are also partially exempt from routinely keeping OSHA injury and illness records. Due to changes in OSHA’s record keeping requirements that went into effect 1-1-15, certain previously exempt industries are now covered.

To learn if you are required to prepare and maintain records under the updated rule, first determine your NAICS code by: Using the search feature at the U.S. Census Bureau NAICS webpage.
NOTE: Establishments in companies with 10 or fewer employees in the previous year continue to be exempt from keeping OSHA records, regardless of their industry classification.

The partial exemption for size is based on the number of employees in the entire company.

What Do I Do With This Information?
  1. Post your 300A Summary Report on your safety board no later than February 1st through April 30th of the year following the year covered by the form.
  2. File you 300 Log and retain logs for a minimum of five (5) years on site.
  3. Start a new log for the coming year; repeat this process at the end of the year
Time Requirement For Keeping An OSHA 300 Log?
You must save the OSHA 300 Log, the privacy case list (if one exists), the annual summary, and the OSHA 301 Incident Report forms for five (5) years following the end of the calendar year that these records cover.
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