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$34.9 Million Awarded in Grants to Combat Worker’s Comp Fraud

17 Aug

Workers comp fraud is a large crime in America today. Tens of billions of dollars in false claims and unpaid premiums are stolen every year. Scams are forcing premiums higher — draining business profits and costing honest workers their pay and jobs.

Contrary to what most people believe, workers’ compensation fraud is more that just an employee exaggerating his medical condition or working for cash while supposedly disabled. While these things do occur, employers are also committing fraud by underreporting their payrolls to receive lower premiums and health care providers are billing for services they’ve never performed. Workers compensation fraud is costing the industry and citizens of our state billions of dollars each year.

Just recently, Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones awarded $34.9 million in grants to 37 district attorney offices representing 42 counties in California to combat workers’ compensation insurance fraud.

“These grants will assist district attorneys across the state in uncovering workers’ compensation fraud schemes and prosecuting those who take advantage of the system,” Jones said in a statement.

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New California Law for 2015- You May Be Liable for Someone Else’s Employees

3 Nov

Many organizations regularly use staffing firms, temporary help agencies and even PEOs (Professional Employer Organizations) for the people who carry out activities important to their operations. Now, in most instances, even if such workers are on the payroll and even if they are supervised by some other employer, your company may legally be liable for wage and hour law violations and failure to provide workers’ compensation for such workers. (AB 1897) This new law imposes liability regardless of the amount of direction or control you exert over these these workers.
There are some protections for employers and some limits to the application of this new law:
• Businesses with fewer than 25 employees are exempt
• The law only applies if you use 5 or more temporary or supplied workers at one time
• Salaried administrative, executive or professional personnel are not covered by the law
• You can include in contracts with the agencies or firms supplying you such workers that they will indemnify you and hold you harmless for any wage violations or workers’ compensation violations, and defend you from any law suits or claims for such violation (except for OSHA violations.)
Since this law takes effect January 1, 2015, you should carefully review any contracts with staffing firms, temporary agencies, PEO firms or labor contractors
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New Website for California Injured Workers From CA Dept. of Work. Comp

8 May

The California Division of Workers’ Compensation (DWC) has launched a new and improved website for injured workers. The site guides workers through the workers’ compensation process from the point of injury through resolution. The goal is to provide clear and relevant information in a user-friendly format.  The site is at: http://www.dir.ca.gov/dwc/InjuredWorker.htm,

“When a worker is hurt on the job, they need more than a doctor. They need accurate information and assistance, and they need it quickly,” said DWC Administrative Director Rosa Moran. “Too often injured workers are unaware of their rights or how to proceed with their claim. The new site will take them through the entire process in clear and precise language.”

The new Web pages are the latest effort by DWC to assist workers, employers and claims administrators. Online users can find information about benefits and procedures with links to frequently asked questions as well as to the Information and Assistance offices. The fact sheets and guides available in printed form at the DWC’s 24 district offices are also available on the division’s website. The new Web pages will soon be available in Spanish.

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