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Can Employers Use Electronic Posters to Comply With the Law?

1 Mar

The Federal Government and every state require all employers (even with one employee) to conspicuously display various government labor law posters in the workplace. The purpose of these labor law posters is to inform employees of their rights under applicable laws and provide information on how to report discrimination, wage and hour violations and other rights infringements to the government.
These posters must be permanently displayed and posted in a centrally located place accessible to all employees. Government regulations specifically require that the information be displayed in an area frequented by employees during the normal course of the workday.
With a diverse and mobile workforce, I was recently asked by an employer:
“All of our employees, both the office staff and the field staff, must sign in each day on our web portal to log hours worked. Is it acceptable to use the sign in page as the location for the mandatory employment posters? For our situation it would actually put the posters in a more prominent place, and we can provide a large link button so that they can be accessed freely and updated regularly.”
My answer is: yes you can use modern technology, however take care to inform employees on a regular basis of the location of the required notices and how to access them, and even better, give them an option to request a “hard” or written copy of any notice at any time.

New Posters Required for 2014

31 Dec

It’s time to replace those workplace employment posters in January 2014. For California – changes were made this past year in the following:
• Cal/OSHA poster revised June 2013
• Fair Employment and Housing – discrimination poster revised November 2013
• CA Notice of Withholding – revised November 2013
• EDD Notice regarding Unemployment, SDI and Paid Family Leave- revised November 2013
• CA Whistleblower Protection Act notice – revised November 2013
• Federal FMLA notice – revised February 2013
An excellent recourse for posters is All In One Posters. This company website is: http://www.allinoneposters.com. All In One provides combined Federal and state posters at a reasonable price (laminated) for all states and all types of business needs.
An alternative for employers is to assemble the required poster by downloading them from government agency websites. A listing of California and Federal required posters and links is available at: http://www.dir.ca.gov/wpnodb.html
Remember in California that employers are also required to post the Industrial Welfare Order which applies to their type of business. Also, other posters may be required such as:
• Fork Lift Operating Rules for companies with fork lifts
• San Francisco or San Jose Minimum Wage notices – if operating in those jurisdictions
• Construction operations must post a Code of Safe Practices
• Farm Labor Contractors have posting requirement.
• Operations with exposure to hazardous materials, noise hazards, etc. have specific obligations.
If you have questions about work place posters or other employment compliance issues, please contact Don Dressler Consulting by email at dondressler1@hotmail.com
Have a great 2014

Hiring New Employees in Compliance with California and Federal Law

27 Sep

The importance of hiring right can be illustrated by your company’s turnover rates. Average corporate turnover is more than 15 percent.

According to a Harvard University study, 80 percent of turnover is due to hiring mistakes. The hiring process can raise a variety of legal issues, often related to equal employment opportunity laws. A number of other laws also apply to the various stages of the hiring process, ranging from the standard job interview to the hiring decision itself, records kept of the hiring process, and records and government notifications and disclosures required relating to a newly hired employee. Continue reading