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Steps for Before, During, and After a Tornado From FEMA’s Ready Campaign

22 May

As the recovery effort continues in states devastated by the recent storms and tornadoes, it is important to review what should be done to prepare for a tornado, how to act during the disaster, and what steps can be done afterwards for both those affected by the storm and those looking to volunteer, donate, or assist their neighbors in need.

FEMA’s Ready Campaign issued the following important reminder:


Every state is at some risk of tornadoes and the damage that they leave behind. Some tornadoes are clearly visible, while rain or nearby low-hanging clouds obscure others. Occasionally, tornadoes develop so rapidly that little, if any, advance warning is possible. To begin preparing for any disaster, you should build an emergency kit and make a family communications plan.

When your area is under a Tornado Watch, be alert to changing weather conditions and listening to NOAA Weather Radio or to commercial radio or television newscasts for the latest information. Ready.gov has Planning Tools for whether you are a business, school and workplace, Indian country, or anything in between.

Through the use of everyday technology, individuals, families, responders and organizations can successfully prepare for, adapt to and recover from disruptions brought on by emergencies and/or disasters. With effective planning, it is possible to take advantage of technology before, during and after a crisis to communicate with loved ones and manage your financial affairs. Continue reading