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Can Employers Use Electronic Posters to Comply With the Law?

1 Mar

The Federal Government and every state require all employers (even with one employee) to conspicuously display various government labor law posters in the workplace. The purpose of these labor law posters is to inform employees of their rights under applicable laws and provide information on how to report discrimination, wage and hour violations and other rights infringements to the government.
These posters must be permanently displayed and posted in a centrally located place accessible to all employees. Government regulations specifically require that the information be displayed in an area frequented by employees during the normal course of the workday.
With a diverse and mobile workforce, I was recently asked by an employer:
“All of our employees, both the office staff and the field staff, must sign in each day on our web portal to log hours worked. Is it acceptable to use the sign in page as the location for the mandatory employment posters? For our situation it would actually put the posters in a more prominent place, and we can provide a large link button so that they can be accessed freely and updated regularly.”
My answer is: yes you can use modern technology, however take care to inform employees on a regular basis of the location of the required notices and how to access them, and even better, give them an option to request a “hard” or written copy of any notice at any time.

Cal/OSHA Fines Mira Loma Warehouse for Unsafe Working Conditions

21 Oct

Warehouse located in Mira Loma was fined for a number of unsafe and illegal working conditions this month.

The California Division of Occupational Safety and Health issued 12 citations – half of which were considered serious in nature – Thursday against the warehousing contractor.
Citations from Cal/OSHA inspectors included:
• Blocked fire exits
• Falling boxes of merchandise
• Insufficient number of restrooms
• No plan in the event of an injury on the job
• No effective training on heat exposure or heat illness
• Lack of proper foot protection including steel-toed boots
• Blocked aisles
• Insufficient lighting
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Are You Paying the Price of Failing to Comply?

23 May

For many employers, the difficult economy seems to continue – regardless of the news stories about a slow recovery from the recession.  Struggling with these challenges, along with all of the pressures of time, competitive demands, etc. seem to take some much attention and effort that some compliance steps with employment and safety laws can be forgotten. 

After all, who has time to train, when you are working so hard just to finds sales?  Why is it so important to have “start and stop” time records when you are paying employees anyway?  Why do the details of the wage and hour laws or OSHA matter?  Do they make you any money?

Well- just like the FRAM commercials used to day, “pay me know or pay me later”.  Only in failing to comply with these lows, later is often not only quite expensive but painful as well.  Continue reading