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Which Employment Laws Apply to You – in 2015?

28 Dec

Use the following chart as a guide to determine which labor laws apply to you based on the number of employees you have.

Law/ Requirement All Employers: 1 or more employees

Child Labor ✓
Disability Insurance ✓
Domestic Violence/Assault Victim Leave ✓
Employee Safety (Cal/OSHA-including written safety plan)✓
Fair Employment and Housing (FEHA) ✓
Immigration Reform and Control Act (IRCA-requires I 9 forms) ✓
Independent Contractors ✓
Jury Duty leave ✓
Military Service/USERRA ✓
New Employee Reporting ✓
Paid Family Leave ✓
Paid Sick Leave (effective July 1, 2015) ✓
Posters and Notices (including written notice at time of hire to hourly employees, notices or fliers on workers’ compensation, sexual harassment, disability insurance, paid family leave to all new employees, notices to employees when starting leave of absence and at termination.)✓
Privacy ✓
Sexual Harassment ✓
Smoking in the Workplace ✓
Unemployment Insurance ✓
Unpaid time off to vote ✓
Wages and Hours ✓ (note: there are many details involved just in wage and hour requirements including payment, overtime and recordkeeping.)
Workers’ Compensation ✓

Additional laws if you have 2 or more employees:
Cal-COBRA (health insurance continuation) ✓
Eligible for small group health insurance coverage ✓

Additional laws if you have 4 or more employees:
Discrimination and Foreign Workers ✓

Additional laws if you have 5 or more employees:
Discrimination Laws (State-FEHA) ✓
Pregnancy Disability Laws ✓

Additional laws if you have 15 or more employees:
Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) ✓
Discrimination Laws (Federal-EEOC) ✓
Organ and Bone Marrow Donors’ Leave ✓

Additional laws if you have 16 or more employees:
Civil Air Patrol Leave ✓

Additional laws if you have 20 or more employees:
COBRA (health insurance continuation Federal) ✓

Additional laws if you have 25 or more employees:
Alcohol/Drug Rehabilitation opportunities allowed✓
Domestic Violence Leave✓
Illiteracy Accommodations ✓
Military Spouse Leave ✓
School Activities Leave✓

Additional laws if you have 50 or more employees:
Affirmative Action (government contractors) ✓
Affordable Care Act (national health insurance reform) ✓
Family and Medical Leave (FMLA & CFRA) ✓
Mandatory 2-Hour Supervisor/Manager Sexual Harassment Training -CA (every 2 years) ✓
Volunteer Firefighters- leave for training ✓

Additional laws if you have 75 or more employees:
WARN Act (plant closings-mass layoffs, notices required) ✓

Additional laws if you have 100 or more employees:
Equal Employment Opportunity Reporting (EEO-1)✓

For more information on these various laws and how they apply to your business, or to discuss a safety and employment law audit, contact: Don Dressler Consulting, 2030 Main Street, Ste. 1300, Irvine, CA. 92614. Ph: 949-533-3742. E-mail: DonDressler1@hotmail.com

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