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Safety Attitudes – A Great Book for Your Employees

25 Mar

Safety Attitudes: Improving your workplace’s safety culture begins with you
by Carl Potter, CSP Safety Attitudes: Improving your workplace’s safety culture begins with you
A positive safety attitude is key to improving a company’s safety culture, therefore the most important safety attitude is yours. Companies across the globe spend thousands of dollars each year to try and improve the company safety culture. It is seldom understood that each employee’s attitude toward safety is what makes up the safety culture.
You have the ability to help your company improve the safety culture by providing this new book, by a well known safety trainer, to your workforce.
A Safety Training Tool
Safety Attitudes is designed to be read by the employees of any employer that wishing to improve its safety culture.
The book is a 52 page safety training tool with 7 chapters and designed as an easy read safety tool to challenge the safety attitude of each individual in the organization.
You can order a copy for every person in your organization and make it a part of your safety training curriculum for the coming 12 months at http://safetytopics.com/safety-attitudes-the-book/
Costs are: $14.95 each, plus S&H; 10 or more $7.95 each, plus S&H
About the author:
Carl Potter is a board certified safety professional, certified management consultant, and certified speaking professional who works with organizations that want to put safety first on the minds of their employees, so that everyone can go home every day without injury.
Email him at: carl@potterandassociates.com for information.

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