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Hiring New Employees in Compliance with California and Federal Law

27 Sep

The importance of hiring right can be illustrated by your company’s turnover rates. Average corporate turnover is more than 15 percent.

According to a Harvard University study, 80 percent of turnover is due to hiring mistakes. The hiring process can raise a variety of legal issues, often related to equal employment opportunity laws. A number of other laws also apply to the various stages of the hiring process, ranging from the standard job interview to the hiring decision itself, records kept of the hiring process, and records and government notifications and disclosures required relating to a newly hired employee. Continue reading

Cal/OSHA and CA Labor Commissioner’s Office – Participating In CA Roofing Compliance Group

12 Sep

California’s Department of Industrial Relations launched a Roofing Compliance Working Group on Sept. 3 to enforce safety and labor law standards across the state. The group will respond to complaints of health and safety hazards in the roofing industry and will investigate complaints related to payroll, misclassification, and workers’ compensation issues.

The agency’s announcement said data from the Workers’ Compensation Insurance Rating Bureau show there were 367 roofing-related falls from scaffolds, ladders, elevations, and into openings such as skylights in California in 2008-2010. The incidents resulted in total indemnity and medical costs exceeding $70 million. Participants in the working group comprises the Labor Commissioner’s Office and Cal/OSHA, T-the Contractor’s State Licensing Board, the State Compensation Insurance Fund, and numerous other groups.

7 Steps to Identifying, Remedying Gaps in Workplace Safety & Culture

4 Sep

Midwest Generation, an independent power producer that is part of California-based Edison International, was facing an increase in the severity of injuries, including fatalities, at its coal-fired plants.

The company asked safety icon DuPont for help with its safety culture. Like other organizations with well-developed safety processes, DuPont knows that the way to worker protection is to change the way people think and what they believe about safety.  Continue reading